When the bridegroom wears a garland

When the bridegroom wears a garland, the bridegroom begins to cry, and you have never seen what happened

Wedding videos are going viral on the internet these days. There are videos of jokes with the bride and groom. Everyone wants to make their wedding memorable so don’t leave any stone unturned to have fun on this auspicious day. On the other hand, some videos are so emotional that even tears come to our eyes after watching them.

Usually we see the bride crying during the wedding but have you ever seen a groom crying. The video that has surfaced shows an incident where the bridegroom gets emotional and starts crying when the bride wears a veil to the groom in the pavilion. You have never seen such an event. Everyone watching this scene has been annoyed

In this video opposite, the bride and groom are standing in the wedding pavilion and the wedding ceremony is going on. The two then stand opposite each other and as Panditji orders them to wear the garland, the bride wears the garland around the groom’s neck.


વિડિઓ જોવા માટે અહીં કલિક કરો


So far everything was going well then suddenly something happened that no one would have thought. After wearing the garland, the groom looks at the bride for a while and then hugs her and starts crying. Seeing the groom’s reaction, it seems that he has got his whole world.

Although this video is a bit old but nowadays again it is going very viral on social media. This video has been shared from an account called bhutni_ke_memes on Instagram. Thousands of people have been commenting since the video surfaced. Many people have also commented on it.

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