Mix one teaspoon of this in warm water and drink it in the morning.

At present the highest pollution is found in India. Extremely polluted environment can lead to many diseases. Due to excessive pollution, when we breathe in, the polluted air and dust particles accumulate in our respiratory tract and in the lungs.

Many people suffer from allergies like coughing, irritation in the period, runny nose, congestion in the period when they go out and go in polluted environment. Due to which that person has to face a lot of trouble.

We have a lot of trouble breathing when our lungs are full of waste. Even if you walk a little, you start breathing. There are also breathing problems in ascending and descending the stairs.

Climate change can cause colds, coughs, and coughs, which weakens our immune system. So today we will tell you about a drink which will boost the immune system. It will also clear the throat and lungs of frozen phlegm and debris.

To make this drink: First take a glass of warm water and take it down, then mix a teaspoon of desi honey in this drink and shake it well. This drink is to be drunk on an empty stomach in the morning.

Drinking this drink will clear all the waste accumulated in our lungs and the lungs will start working out well. Drinking this drink increases the working capacity of the lungs. Consumption of this drink will also remove the congestion in the lungs. Consuming this drink will strengthen the lungs by making rice like lungs.

If you have a sore throat or phlegm has accumulated in the throat, then drinking this drink by waking up in the morning will also get rid of the persistent phlegm in the throat. It also helps to clear the throat by relieving sore throat.

If you consume this drink, it will destroy the harmful bacteria in the body. So that will help prevent many diseases. This drink is very beneficial for our health. So everyone can consume this drink.

Drinking this drink will also remove the waste accumulated in our intestines. Consuming this super drink improves our digestion. So that the digestive system becomes stronger. In addition, if the stool does not come out, then by drinking this drink, the stool will come out easily. So that the stomach will be cleansed.

This drink will be very beneficial if you want to prevent viral infections and strengthen the immune system. This drink will also prove to be a panacea for keeping the lungs and intestines like glassy rice.

ગુજરાતી માં વાંચવા અહીં ક્લીક કરો

Most of the people wake up in the morning and drink hot water. Drinking plain hot water also has many health benefits. But if you want to get more benefits, you should mix honey in warm water and drink it once. Which will help keep our health healthy and wholesome.

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