Know The Secret Of Dulahi Kund…

A unique kund of India where hot water comes out just by clapping, know the secret of Dulahi kund ..

Some mysteries have been created by nature, which are beyond the imagination of man, and they force man to think as well. To this day no man has understood the mysteries of nature and such a mystery is connected.
Inside a religious place in India, which is full of miracles. Today we are going to show you about a temple inside India where hot water comes out just by clapping inside the tank. The temple is located in the Bokaro district of Jharkhand, and there is a unique tank, which has become a center of attraction for everyone.

The name of this kund inside the temple is Dulahi kund, and the faith of the people is connected with this kund. But it is quite possible that people come from far and wide to bathe in this unique pool. There is a belief among the people that bathing in this pool fulfills the desires of everyone.

The peculiarity of this tank is that anyone who claps inside this tank immediately gets hot water out of us, and one can bathe inside it, and then this extra hot water flows through a ditch and turns into a river. Goes on, and while research has been done by many scientists, the reason behind this is still unknown.

But when this water was tested, it was found that this water is very beneficial for our health. If a person takes a bath in the hot water coming out of the pool, all the skin diseases will be removed.

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