This is the voice of Pujyashree from the heart in which ‘Dada Bhagwan’ appeared.  There is no thought or intellect in this speech.  Hence there is eternal meaning in Teoshri’s speech.  There is a sound of soul in it so the reader feels that the word is also heard and the word touches the heart directly.

The innermost being in it awakens the soul spontaneously.  Through this power of Pujyashree’s word, the listener or reader receives a supernatural light of understanding about life.  The Akram Vigyan preached by Dadashri is an instinctive, simple inter-science of determining the destination of extreme liberation without any opinion, creed, sect, bias.

In the process, knowledge, devotion, yoga, virtue, renunciation, austerities, etc., have to be followed by gradual change of behavior, while Akram science is self-acting in changing beliefs, attitudes and understandings instead of emphasizing behavior change.  This science offers the invaluable opportunity to get one’s happiness and freedom in the right way, in the right way, by removing false, misconceptions.

This science does not ignore or neglect the worldly, but exposes the worldly in its true form.  As a result, we can see life, the world as well as behavior in its proper form.  Another feature of this science is its acceptance of everyday life.  There is wisdom in accepting the role of world-practice, life-practice.  Accepting this enlightenment, let alone ‘religion’, ‘God’ and ‘salvation’, can make our life happier.


નવી ગાઈડલાઈન અહીંથી વાંચી શકશો ન્યૂઝ રિપોર્ટ


Man wants to make life happy, but he can’t.  In fact, the world is not only for suffering, but everyone suffers from misunderstandings about life and the world.  Dadashri has talked about limiting one’s needs and accepting oneself as a guest of nature to make life happier.  The way of life should be adopted in such a way that the guest behaves humbly, does not bother anyone, does not give pain, and does not get hurt by seeing the happiness of others.

‘Living for Parka’ is a tradition of Indian culture.  Animals, trees, etc. live for the sake of others, yet they do not have the attitude of ‘I did’.  The root of human misery lies in Kartabhav.  In practice there is mutual indebtedness.  Understanding the subtleties of debt bondage will alleviate most of our suffering.  In debt bond we become payers.  No one hurts us.

We have to pay according to the type of person we have an account with.  Everything that happens is subject to a natural creation called ‘systematic power’.  Accepting the knowledge of ‘systematic’ alleviates many of the problems in our lives.  The mystery of this science is revealed in the simple, clear and accurate disclosure of the problems of life by Dadashri through Akram Vignan.  Such as – * Whether you want self-realization or not, but understand one truth exactly Vishwavihar (December 2, 2020 “

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